2021 Women's History Month

UA empowers the next generation of women and girls for success on and off the field with the Women’s History Month Collection. 

The collection will support Good Sports’, “She Who Plays” initiative —a commitment to funding $1 million in brand-new sports and fitness equipment to directly impact girls in athletics — as well as the Girls Opportunity Alliance, a program that seeks to empower adolescent girls around the world through education.

The Commitment

Impact that Matters

Impact that Matters

With incredible stats that back the impact participation in sports can have on professional success, it’s essential that in this important moment in time, we fund and support sports for both girls and women.

United We Win

United We Win

Under Armour is committed to celebrating, supporting, and championing our women teammates and athletes.

Our Community Partners

Girls Opportunity Alliance

The Girls Opportunity Alliance, a program of the Obama Foundation, seeks to empower adolescent girls around the world through education, allowing them to achieve their full potential and transform their families, communities, and countries. We engage people around the world to take action to help adolescent girls and the grassroots leaders working to educate them. The Girls Opportunity Alliance aims to lift up the work being done around the world to empower adolescent girls through education by: Inspiring, empowering, and connecting grassroots leaders The Foundation wants to ensure that those on the front lines are supported with effective strategies to enhance and scale their work. We created an online network to connect leaders to one another so they can share best practices, resources, encouragement, and ideas. Driving specific commitments through GoFundMe These grassroots leaders need more than visibility and connections to one another—they need financial support. To close this gap, the Foundation worked with GoFundMe to launch the Girls Opportunity Alliance Fund, a fund that will directly support grassroots leaders working on girls education. Donations to the fund may be general or designated by donors for specific projects listed on the Girls Opportunity Alliance GoFundMe page. Inspiring and challenging young people in the developed world to join us We want young people in the United States and around the world to learn about this issue and get involved. From encouraging young people to share a presentation on this issue at school to collaborating with girl group organizations who have expanded their programming to include work on adolescent girls education, the Foundation is offering resources to help young people turn their passion about this issue into action.

Good Sports

Good Sports’ mission is to give all kids the lifelong benefits of sport and physical activity by providing equipment, apparel and footwear to those most in need. Good Sports recognized that there are still too many hurdles for girls and young women when it comes to opportunity to play, so they launched the She Who Plays initiative designed to support new and equitable access to sports for girls nationwide. In continuation of their partnership with Good Sports, Under Armour will support this initiative through investments in providing the tools and equipment that girls need to succeed.

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