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Sports teach us to be teammates and leaders, to bounce back, never back down, and push our limits. But many young athletes face barriers that prevent them from stepping on the field and giving it their all.

Everyone deserves the right to engage in sport. That’s why we’re committed to creating opportunities for millions of youth to engage in sports by 2030, breaking down barriers for those who strive for more.

Areas of investment


We’re working with communities around the world to help build programs, places, and infrastructure to drive engagement in sport for EVERYONE


So many coaches and organizations already create impact in their communities, so we’re celebrating, elevating, and developing new ones


Athletes need the right tools to reach their best, so we’re working to ensure our gear, resources, and tech are available to all athletes

Gift of the Game

Join the ultimate team

Gift of the Game

No one owns the game. It belongs to all of us. That’s why we’re committed to breaking down the barriers that many athletes face—like not having a team, gear, or the right support—by creating opportunities in sport for millions of youth by 2030.